Thursday, December 8, 2011

Funny things that make me happy :)

Oh man :) best things of my life... so far ;)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Geometry is the worst.

Dear Miss Curtis,
You make me want to shoot a baby. I really just do not like you one tiny bit! You are giving me an "F" currently and it makes me so mad. I would appreciate it if you would actually teach us how to do our homework instead of just giving us notes and telling us to figure it out on our own. That's why I do badly on the quizzes and tests.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mice are grossssss:(

So there is a very annoying mouse in my bathroom. He/ She is hiding in the wall behind the tube thing that connects the toilet to the wall.He/She makes so much freaking noise! Plus Mouseface (That's what I have decided to name Him/Her) Has been eating the mouse poison for two days, he even took the whole cube of it into the wall with him, and he is still not dead!!!!! What in the world?! I hate hate HATE mice so much. I haven't gone into my bathroom since I saw him yesterday. Ewwww why must Mouseface invade my bathroom! What did I ever to to Him/Her?!! NOTHING!!! I didn't do anything! Dear Mouseface, I hate you. Please die soon. Thanks!
With love, Mariahhhhhhh :)
Wish me luck with my mouse killing!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ranty ranty rant blahhh blahhh blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Hmmm I like to post random annoying things on my blog and talk about how awesome I am and lots of other junk that most people don't care about. Well I don't really care this is MY blog and if you don't like to look at or hear or watch or .........however you explain it ...... then don't look at my blog. This is me and I like being me.  I like to be annoying and type super fast with no punctuation  with lots of extra letters like I have ADHD or something. That is me. I like to be a super weirdo and sometimes be a hyper random freak and other times I like to being depressed and serious. I'm crazy and a weirdo and a freak!!! I don't even care! I'm not popular, I don't know how to spell, I don't used proper punctuation or grammar, I don't post about things people actually care about reading ad you know what that is totally okay with me! So if this post has offended you, then please politely click the unfollow button and never come to my blog ever ever evvvvvvvvver again! Thanks!
Mariah :)  (C.E.O. of  The Ballin' Blog~ )
Fewf! Not that that was intended toward anyone I hope. I was just being a fool don't worry about it. I like to rant and talk about random thing and blah blah blah blah blahhhhhh! I hope you enjoyed wasting 5ish minuets of your life that you will never get back reading this really foolish post that's really not about anything!!! :)

105 :)

WOW! This is my 105 post..... EVER!!!!!! How exciting?! Well maybe it isn't that exicting for you but it is suuuuuuper deeee dupppper exciing to me! I have been blogging random things on my blogg for like 3 years now! and I fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnallly got to 105 posts! Woot Wooten! I should earn a special prize! That would be awesome! welll not really that would be nerdy buit whateverrrrr.Dont hate! To celebrate my 105 post I think I will go to the Orem game tonight! GOOOOOOO OREMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I hope you enjoyed this reeallly random post!~ :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Down with the sniffles :(

Being sick is no fun. Especially on a three day school week! All I can do is lay around and watch TV or read or play my iPod. Which after a while all of these activities get soooo boring. My head is pounding and my whole body is aching. Plus I have barfed multiple times. How fun. Oh the not Joys of being sick. I. Hate. Being. Sicky. Poo!!!!!!!! :(

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hi hey hows it going? good? Thats greeeeat! ;) wqoot well there is nothing elese to say so have a nice day good byeeee ;)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I don't even know what day I am on anymore.....

Okay so I'm done with this dayy stuff I always forget what day I am on and it is begging to be a pain in my butt to get on a post everyday sooo yeah I am done. Annnnywayyyy....... I got the cutest headband of my life today I just thought I would share that with you :) I love this headband soooooo mucho :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dayyyyy..... 12?

Let me just say my life is the definition of awkward. With a capital AWKWARD!!! Oh my gosh things just get more awkward by the second! Wow I can't believe this awkwardness. Oh well I guess that's just life :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 10&11 :)

Awww man! I totally forgot to post! How lame is that?! Well the morale of this story is don't ever tell your sister 'No' or she'll beat you up and you will have a broken back! Lame!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dayyy 9.5 :) (Impressive!)

P.E. is pretty much the bane of my existence well the fitness test, and the runs........ ANYWAY ..... So Me and my best friend in P.E..... Bethany :) always do the runs together. We usually get like 7:15 or 7:30 on the black path and today we just ran our little hearts out and we did the black path in ....... drum-roll please..... 6 MINUETS and 50 SECONDS!!!!!!!!! How stinking Impressive is that?! Oh man I'm so proud of us :) Way to go us!  Well there you have it folks, there is my gloat of the day :)

Dayyyy 9 ( Why you gotta be so mean?)

Why in the world do people need to be mean/ Here is an example there is a bunk of little punks on my bus. They are the meanest group of boys I have ever seen and there 7th and 8th graders. They sit in the back of the bus and bully everyone else. Even innocent people. Like today a kid was listening to his iPod he was totally minding his own business. Then one of the kids is like "You think your so cool with your iPod." and the boy was like "um no I just wanted to listen to some music on the bus... " and the punk kid says " If you don't want to listen to us go up to the front of the bus with the losers." I felt so bad! This poor innocent boy was literally being battered for doing absolutely nothing! The punks do stuff like this everyday they usually bug this one little 7th grader. I usually say "You know what your not cool so stop." and they laugh and stop but really why do they even need to do it  in the first place? It just makes me so mad. Plus there always swearing and using profanity which is really insulting to me and a lot of my friends and I've told them multiple times that is was not OK.... stupid punks. Why do they have to be so mean?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 8.... dreeeams

Dreams are crazy...... especially if you keep repeatedly dreaming about someone and you know you shouldn't because dreaming about this someone means that your getting your self into deeeeep doo-doo.... ! I know this was wayyy vague but I couldn't put it into details... sorry......... ANYWAY have a nice day bye!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 7 (Homework)

Oh how I am beginning to despise homework time. Homework for all my classes used to take a half hour maybe 45 minuets.... now it takes an hour and a half.... sometimes 2 hours! I was never prepared for this much homework! I love being a 9th grader but why must it include having so homework? I was gone 1 day and I had an additional 45 minuets to my already hour and a half of homework to do! How crazy is that! Holy cow! Homework could you please slow down or even better reduce your ammount? That would be awesome thanks! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


I really cant even think of anything to post about for day 6........ expect for that I absolutely LOVE no-bake cookies! I love them so much :) anyway that's all I can think of..... T.T.F.N.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jellyfish (Day 4.5)

What does a Jelly fish feel like? Hmmmmmmm :)

Taco Amigo (Day 4)

I love Taco Amigo! It is the absolute BEST Mexican restaurant of my life! I always get a Bean Burrito with extra hot sauce and fries ( it's called at number 2) I love that place with all my heart! When I'm 16 I'm going to work their because my dad knows the owner. SCORE! I'm so excited you have no idea! I love taco amigo! Like you have no idea how much I love it. I could eat it for every meal if I was allowed to. I have loved Taco Amigo since I was little. It is literally the best American-Mexican place. (Its American Mexican because its more American styled.) I worship that place! Have I told you I love it? Well I LOVE IT. If I could marry Taco Amigo I totally would! Everything there is amazing! I love it alll!!!!! <3 Taco amigo :)

Friday, September 9, 2011


Please. DO. NOT. click on the red or purple random highlighted words. It is spam! I dont know how it happened but dont click on it! Just ignore it thank you! :)_

Thank you for not being fake. (Day 3)

Thank you for not being fake. My friend said to me. I smiled and said your very welcome. Then we glanced over at the "fakes" and rolled our eyes. I of course new who she was talking about from the beginning.  It started making me think..... hard to believe I know but I did anyway.  I thought about how badly some people try to be popular and cool. People who say they don't care what other people think but wouldn't be caught dead doing fun things or having an embarrassing pictures on Facebook.  To be honest sometimes I think doing some thing are a little to embarrassing for me to do but usually I don't really care and I like embarrassing pictures. You know what most of the "embarrassing" ones are the ones when I'm being myself. My crazy spastic loud dorky nerdy funny foolish self. I feel bad when people think they need to be 1000 percent caught up with the fashions. So they re never dressing in things they really like or very comfortably.  Me? I like jeans/ Capri's/ shorts with a cute tee shirt and cardigan or a nicer shirt. I don't need to be totally caught up with the current fashions to look cute. I don't have to buy super expensive things to be stylish. If you think you have to shop at expensive stores that's really sad. Being myself is how I roll and i honestly don't care what people think about me..... most of the time. I know  I'm Amazing just they way I am....... That was really cheesy I know ;) I don't have to act fake to seem cool or to try and be popular this is me and if you don't like it that is your problem.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Home with the Sniffles (Day 2)

Being home sick is the worst. Stuffy noses, coughs, fever, chills, the works. Oh how i wish i was at school right now. I never thought id say that ever but it is true. Well this stinks. sniffles are no bueno!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh technology!

Dear technology you are so great most of the time but lately you stink............Im having blog technical difficulties! SO please excuse the mess thank you!

Dayyyyyy 1 :)

Okay so I know everyone does this dumb "day" this on there blog but trust me this isnt your usuall day 1.... blah blah blah. I've created my own day by day program to help me post on my blog more and to post more interesting things!  So let me begin :) Drum rolll please.......
Dayyyyyy 1: Apperently if you play tennis you get to meet boys.....yes! .... just a little tip I got from my P.E. teacher :) Oh how I love her.  I also learned that Tennis requires more running then I would have ever thought possible. and Finally I learned that Tessa Hatchett is my most favorite tennis buddy along with Bethany and Melissa :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All that glitters.....

I heard this quote a while ago.... " All that glitters isn't gold."  I have spent a while thinking about this quote and I have had some nteresting things come to me. I think everyone should spend some time thinking about this.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Who's that girl - Guy Sabastian
My REAL favorite song :)

Bad - The Cab

It feels just like it was yesterday
We were in love
Why's it falling apart

I've never been one to walk away
But I've had enough
And it's breaking my heart

Cause you love me just the way that you should
It's nothing that you do, no it's nothing you say

Yeah baby, I know that you're good
But I don't want a good girl
No, not today

Cause I want it bad
I want a bad girl, baby, bad
I want a love that's crazy, yeah
I want a bad girl, baby, bad
I want it bad

I want a girl who stays out too late
And when I call
She doesn't answer the phone

Oh, I want a girl who likes it her way
And through it all
I know I'll end up alone

Yeah, yeah, you love me just the way that you should
It's nothing that you do, no no, it's nothing you say

Oh pretty baby, I know that you're good
But I don't want a good girl, no not today

Cause I want it bad
I want a bad girl, baby, bad
I want a love that's crazy, yeah
I wanna fight
I wanna rock and roll and party all night
Yeah, I want it bad
I want a bad girl, baby, bad
I want it bad

I'm getting sick of predictable
Tired of acting logical
Oh yeah, I gotta shake it up tonight

Yeah girl I want something physical
Not something invincible, oh yeah
I'm tired of being good, let's be bad

I want a bad girl baby, bad
And I want a love that's crazy, yeah
I want a bad girl, baby, bad
I want a love that's crazy, yeah
I wanna fight
I wanna rock and roll and party all night
Yeah, I want it bad
I want a bad girl, baby, bad (I want it, I want it bad)
I want a love that's crazy, yeah (I want it, I want bad)
I wanna fight (I want it, I want bad)
I wanna rock and roll and party all night
Yeah, I want it bad
~This is like my new favorte song :) mmmmm

the adventures of summer libraryyyyyy :) !

Oh the joys of Summer library...  Every Wednesday ( well I guess not anymore) I would go over to summer library. It was so funn! I would chat with the librarian "The Haymondator" and me and Ian would hangout and play on the nice mac computers and take pictures on photo boothe... which isn't allowed,but we did it anyway! We would drive the haymondator nuts and it was just a blast of fun! I loved summer library too bad ill never bee able to go again since the haymondator isn't teaching at cascade anymore... tear sniff :'( .... OH well! It was fun while it lasted!

Friday, August 12, 2011

If only it could last forever

How I wish summer could last forever. sigh. But as we all know it can't. So now is the time when we go shopping to get the notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, backpack, aall school supplies in general. Then we go and do the shopping for all of the school clothes and shoes, and the whole time I'm thinking, "This is so dumb there is at least 2 weeks of summer left that I should still be enjoying." Then those two weeks are gone in a blink of an eye. Summer, no matter how much you love it, can never last forever. Soon it is time to board the school bus that first day of school (and every weekday til may) and see your friends and go to your new classes that soon become old class, as days weeks and months pass by, sometimes slowly other times quickly. Then it starts to snow and we wish and wish and wish summmer would come here faster but of course the more we wish the slower time goes by. Oh summer how I wish you could last forever and that school would never start again, so I could be free to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. oh summer how I will miss you. Luckily, summer will be back again next year.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Pictures Of That Adorable Little Fi-Fi :)

 What a cute little baby

 Beautiful blessing dress

 Chunky monkey

 She sure loves her soda :)

Happy Fi-Fi

Me and Sophia

This is one messy little girl :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Absolutley Adore This Little Girl :)

I absolutely adore this little girl! :) Her name is SophiaLyn, ( but I call her Fi-Fi or Sophia ) she is the cutest baby in the whole entire world! In the picture of her, her cute hair was done by yours truly :) she is so fun to play with and she does super cute things. She says lots of funny words like mom,dad, and my personal favorite "what-what" :) She loves to play outside and in the water. She is quite a chunk of a little girl but she is they cutest chunky monkey you will ever see . She is a very fast little crawler and is very creative with getting around when her hands are full. She loves cell phones and ipods (which kid doesn't?) and I taught her to do the cutest "stink face" and she does it if I do it, it is insanely cute. I love Fi-Fi soooo much :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

3rd post of The Day! :)

   So now if your wondering why on earth I'm posting for the THIRD and hopefully last time today.... it is because I had to inform you of how my blog was being broken, then I needed to tell you that  fixed it, and now I am blogging because I need to blog and actual post that's worth reading.....
    hmmmmmm..... what too blog about.......? OH! I got it! I will tell you just how much I am in LOOOOOVE with going swimming :) I absolutely love swimming. You have no idea. I love to jump into the pool and sink to the bottom. I love to accidentally on purpose drop something small at the bottom of the pool so I have to dive to the bottom to get it. I love doing back flips and front flips in the pool. I love jumping off the diving board. I love holding my breath  under the water until I am positive if I stay under any longer I will drown :). I just LOOOVE swimming in general! Swimmming Is just amazing! I wish it was always summer so I could always go swimming.... and I know that there are indoor pools, but they just aren't the same. I would much rather be in a regular outside pool than be in a hotel pool or at the rec center or something. So I have rambled about swimming for far too long now so I will be going!  T.T.F.N. (Ta-Ta For Now! :) )

oopsie daisies :)

So you may have seen my post from just a few hours ago..... that talked about how my blogg was being really buggy...well I think I have fixed the problem! Which is totally awesome.... So I think you wont have any trouble trying to comment nowww :) The thing is though, I will always have to comment on my own posts ( which I weird I know ) first so that all of the rest of you may also comment. Well since my problem is now fixed and I have told you about it.... that really all I needed to write this post for so.... T.T.F.N. ( Ta-Ta for now! ) :)

Stupid blogg.... :(

Okay so if you have been reading my blog lately you may have noticed how you can't comment anymore.... which is wayyyy annnoying ... but anyway i don't even know why. I haven't changed any of the settings or anything, and I've tried to mess around with some comment settings but it still wont work.... it is soo buggy! I just want it to be back to normal! So if you could please bear with me through this annoying time, I hope to have it back to normal soo... ;(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Test Post

please ignore this post it is just a test :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

S.U.M.M.E.R. :)

E.ndless.... well sort of ;p
R.idiculously fun :))
That is what the letters in summer stand for. I have mixed feelings about summer this year :/ I am super happy that school is over and I can go to sleep and wake up whenever I feel like it. I am also sad because 8th grade was the absolute best thing of my life! I had a great time and it was just awesome :) I made tons of great friends and had millions of good times with those good friends :). Overall 8th grade was the best thing of my life. I am very excited to be a freshman. That is another reason I am happy for it to be summer. I doesn't really make sense to me though, usually I am so excited for summer  and not sad one little tiny bit... but this year I don't know why but I'm super depressed that it is already summer.  I feel like summer just came out of no where and I wasn't prepared to say goodbye to most of my friends for the summer. Oh well I still like summer:) I can go swimming, get tan, eat Popsicles, have fun, hang with my friends constantly, and just have a BLAST!:) Oh summer how I'm am excited for you to actually start :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

[Insert a good blog post title here]

I have this blog, but i feel as if I am usually talking to myself. No one even reads my posts and It takes me forever to think of a good enough topic and a catchy title to go with it. Then I check a few days later to see if anyone was kind enough to take a few seconds out of there day to look and comment on my most recent blog post. BUT no one ever does :( So what am I even still taking the time to write a blog post for? If no one even reads them..... WELL because I am not going to give up! I like having a place to just ramble about everything that is going on in my life, I don't even have to have correct spelling or grammar and I don't have to write it all in a journal its is faster writing it on here and then I don't have to look at my ugly handwriting! Still, it would be nice if just a few people could so kindly stop in to say hi or comment on a post once in a while..... that would MAKE ME SMILE! :) To bad I am just talking to myself anyway and no one will read anyway..... OH well! If you did happen to glance your eyes toward this post and skim a few lines It is much appreciated and it would be even more appreciated if you would so kindly comment in the comment box below! Thanks! :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I am now addicted to ghosts! They have caught my interest lately. How it all started was a few days ago in English our crazy teacher was talking about 'Spontaneous Combustion'. So i 'wikipedia-ed' it. It talked about how ghosts were usually somehow involved in each case. Which i think is soooo cool. So Last night I slept over with my cousin Holli. I got to the house at 11:00, and we weren't tired enough so we were channel surfing and found this show called Ghost adventures. I had heard about this show before and people say it is way cool but I had never seen it. So we watched it until 1:30 in the morning. Then Holli went downstairs and I layed down on the couch to sleep. Right before I went to sleep I heard knocking coming from the window and I was like creeped out in a cool way. I like totally love that feeling!!! Then this morning Holli came upstairs to tell me while she was downstairs she was watching tv and the TV kept turning on and off and she was so freaked out she wanted to come upstairs, but she was too scared to move!!! I LOVE GHOSTS! :))

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Never Trust A Pretty Girl With An Ugly Secret....

Oh my goodness!!! pretty little liars is my most favorite show! It is just A-MAY-ZING!!!! I don't know how i could live without it! There is no words to describe it's greatness. i know many people agree with me. The thing I like the most about the show is that it is kind of like a mystery suspenseful show but it is not too scary. Its like a very mild scary movie. I LOVE it!  I love how all of the girls have a little bit of a different personality but they all connect in a friendship. It is awesome. I want a group like that, a group were everyone is best friends.  Spencer: The Brainiac, Emily:the sporty girl, Aria: the fun loving girl, Hannah: Pretty girl. It just is awesome. I think my favorite character is either Spencer or Hannah. I love how they are trying to figure out Ali's murder on there own. They pick up on clues and hints and are to me pretty good at pretending to be detectives. I also like how they can still focus on trying to solve the mystery while getting Notes, Letters, Emails, Texts, from the "A" Character.  Sometimes I feel like one of them killed Ali, then in the next episode I feel like Ian, Toby, Jenna, Nole, or Lucas killed her. It is just so awesome that all the hints and clues lead to different people. It's like everyone in the whole town had a part in Alison's death. I just love everything about this show! I love everything from the Beginning where they catch you up so your remember to the Two can keep a secret song , to how they leave you holding your breath at the edge of your seat when they Cliff hang the ending of the episode. Man i love this show sooo much It is like my all time favorite show. I want to live in a small town, with all the small town mysteries that go on. I think it would be so cool and fun. If you have never seent his show you have to go to Abc family .com and watch an episode or two. I am sure after just one though you will be hooked!!!! I loveeeee it!