Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Never Trust A Pretty Girl With An Ugly Secret....

Oh my goodness!!! pretty little liars is my most favorite show! It is just A-MAY-ZING!!!! I don't know how i could live without it! There is no words to describe it's greatness. i know many people agree with me. The thing I like the most about the show is that it is kind of like a mystery suspenseful show but it is not too scary. Its like a very mild scary movie. I LOVE it!  I love how all of the girls have a little bit of a different personality but they all connect in a friendship. It is awesome. I want a group like that, a group were everyone is best friends.  Spencer: The Brainiac, Emily:the sporty girl, Aria: the fun loving girl, Hannah: Pretty girl. It just is awesome. I think my favorite character is either Spencer or Hannah. I love how they are trying to figure out Ali's murder on there own. They pick up on clues and hints and are to me pretty good at pretending to be detectives. I also like how they can still focus on trying to solve the mystery while getting Notes, Letters, Emails, Texts, from the "A" Character.  Sometimes I feel like one of them killed Ali, then in the next episode I feel like Ian, Toby, Jenna, Nole, or Lucas killed her. It is just so awesome that all the hints and clues lead to different people. It's like everyone in the whole town had a part in Alison's death. I just love everything about this show! I love everything from the Beginning where they catch you up so your remember to the Two can keep a secret song , to how they leave you holding your breath at the edge of your seat when they Cliff hang the ending of the episode. Man i love this show sooo much It is like my all time favorite show. I want to live in a small town, with all the small town mysteries that go on. I think it would be so cool and fun. If you have never seent his show you have to go to Abc family .com and watch an episode or two. I am sure after just one though you will be hooked!!!! I loveeeee it!

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