Monday, June 27, 2011

3rd post of The Day! :)

   So now if your wondering why on earth I'm posting for the THIRD and hopefully last time today.... it is because I had to inform you of how my blog was being broken, then I needed to tell you that  fixed it, and now I am blogging because I need to blog and actual post that's worth reading.....
    hmmmmmm..... what too blog about.......? OH! I got it! I will tell you just how much I am in LOOOOOVE with going swimming :) I absolutely love swimming. You have no idea. I love to jump into the pool and sink to the bottom. I love to accidentally on purpose drop something small at the bottom of the pool so I have to dive to the bottom to get it. I love doing back flips and front flips in the pool. I love jumping off the diving board. I love holding my breath  under the water until I am positive if I stay under any longer I will drown :). I just LOOOVE swimming in general! Swimmming Is just amazing! I wish it was always summer so I could always go swimming.... and I know that there are indoor pools, but they just aren't the same. I would much rather be in a regular outside pool than be in a hotel pool or at the rec center or something. So I have rambled about swimming for far too long now so I will be going!  T.T.F.N. (Ta-Ta For Now! :) )

oopsie daisies :)

So you may have seen my post from just a few hours ago..... that talked about how my blogg was being really buggy...well I think I have fixed the problem! Which is totally awesome.... So I think you wont have any trouble trying to comment nowww :) The thing is though, I will always have to comment on my own posts ( which I weird I know ) first so that all of the rest of you may also comment. Well since my problem is now fixed and I have told you about it.... that really all I needed to write this post for so.... T.T.F.N. ( Ta-Ta for now! ) :)

Stupid blogg.... :(

Okay so if you have been reading my blog lately you may have noticed how you can't comment anymore.... which is wayyyy annnoying ... but anyway i don't even know why. I haven't changed any of the settings or anything, and I've tried to mess around with some comment settings but it still wont work.... it is soo buggy! I just want it to be back to normal! So if you could please bear with me through this annoying time, I hope to have it back to normal soo... ;(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Test Post

please ignore this post it is just a test :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

S.U.M.M.E.R. :)

E.ndless.... well sort of ;p
R.idiculously fun :))
That is what the letters in summer stand for. I have mixed feelings about summer this year :/ I am super happy that school is over and I can go to sleep and wake up whenever I feel like it. I am also sad because 8th grade was the absolute best thing of my life! I had a great time and it was just awesome :) I made tons of great friends and had millions of good times with those good friends :). Overall 8th grade was the best thing of my life. I am very excited to be a freshman. That is another reason I am happy for it to be summer. I doesn't really make sense to me though, usually I am so excited for summer  and not sad one little tiny bit... but this year I don't know why but I'm super depressed that it is already summer.  I feel like summer just came out of no where and I wasn't prepared to say goodbye to most of my friends for the summer. Oh well I still like summer:) I can go swimming, get tan, eat Popsicles, have fun, hang with my friends constantly, and just have a BLAST!:) Oh summer how I'm am excited for you to actually start :)