Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mind games

There is something wrong with me. 
Not anything any amount of medicine or a doctor can fix. 
It's a mind thing,
I get caught up on thoughts. 
They swarm around my head. 
They pound against the walls of my skull. 
Leaving my head pounding and bruised inside. 
When this happens I can't shut it off, 
I can't stop my thoughts from tormenting me. 
Almost simultaneously as I receive a beating from my thoughts, 
My body goes into a panic. 
My heart rate spikes,
As my heart shoves against my chest. 
My body shakes. 
It feels like there is a 50 pound Boulder on my chest,
I can't breathe. 
I can't think clearly.
My body is filled to the brim with thoughts and emotions. 
It scares me more than anything. 

And then,
When what feels like hours have passed, it's all over. 
It can stop as quickly as it starts.
That's the real scary thing-
I never know when it's going to hit. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Dreams are so trippy

I feel like lately especially (with my stress levels being through the roof) my dreams have become exponentially weirder. They are becoming so much more vivid than they were before which makes me tripped out because I can no longer distinguish between dream life and real life. This is a problem because now if something annoys me in my dream, or I get mad, or any distinct emotion, it carries over int real life. The following day all I can think about is how annoyed I am at that person or how annoying the situation was. It is really interfering with my actual life.

Just thought you wanted to know

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Help me? Please!

Oooooohhhhkay. I'm not even sure if I still have followers?? Is there anybody out there? Well we'll just have to give it a shot! 

Soooo for my senior project for my college writing class was to create a business! 

I chose to create a home organizing business! I'm super excited and finally to the point where I am look for customers! If you (or anyone you know) need some help organizing your house please check out my website 

It has all my pricing and my contact info! Since my business is just taking off I am willing to negotiate pricing! If you don't see what you want done on the list, feel free to still contact me! I'm willing to attack any project you can throw at me!