Sunday, June 28, 2015

Practice makes perfect!

So lately I have been trying to be more active and live an overall healthier lifestyle. I go on family walks and hikes and I occasionally go to the gym but that is about it. I also have been trying to read my scriptures every day. I already read pretty regularly, but I am in no way perfect. *If you would like to know more about my beliefs as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or have questions about the scriptures check out {or here's a direct link to Scripture Information}*
I figured there must be a way to combine these two things in a way to help me remember and achieve both goals in one step. To help motivate myself I scoured pinterest for ways to form habits the fastest and easiest with a busy schedule (since I work 40 hours a week and I have my own small business on the side, and I have a social life, and other things that need to be taken care of).
The article that was the most helpful talked about how it takes 21 days to form a habit. I really liked how relatively short 21 days can be and it seems like a good achievable goal unlike other lengthy goals that I had read about.
My biggest problem with starting a new goal is I miss a day and then it all goes down hill from there and I never get back on the bike and keep trucking. To help avoid any forgetful or laziness mishap, I made a visual to help me.

This little idea that I got off of pinterest is, as you can see on the frame to my door. Where I will see it frequently and it can constantly remind me to be active and read out of my scriptures. 
I am hoping to go through these next 21 days and then continue out of habit for the rest of my life. 
(I definitely am not even a tiny bit close to perfect, so that probably won't happen... but if this turns into the habit that I want it to, it will naturally continue.)
So we'll see where this next 21 day leads me to and I will update you as time goes on! 

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday! xo

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"We've only been camping 2 minutes and I've already seen 3 earwigs" -Allyson

(she is terrified of earwigs)
Basically last Monday I moved out. It may have only been to the tent in my backyard, but it still counts right??
I decided since it is summer and I graduated highschool I wanted to move out... but I am really poor and My mom told me if I live at home she'll pay for me to go to school sooooo really living at home is the best choice.
But, as of lately my family has been on my nerves and I needed some space so I marched out to the garage drug the tent out of the clutter and called Tanner to set it up for me.
Tent living has seriously been the best idea Allyson and I (Okay, so I didn't "move out" by myself Allyson has been here the whole time with me) have ever had. 

Reasons to support last bold statement:

  • Not only have I been able to sleep better, but I've been able to wake up well rested and with more energy. 
  • It's been nice to be outside more and it has been 50x more relaxing.
  • Cots are surprisingly comf.
  • I've gotten the space that I desperately needed so I didn't murder my whole entire family in psychotic break/mass murder and go to prison for the rest of my life. 
  • I get to do whatever I want in my new house.
  • My new house is always clean and tidy and perfect.
  • Sister bonding time
  • Tons of laughs with my sister and we stay up til the wee hours of the morning chatting about life which is the best. (basically this and the last bullet are the same-who cares, my blog I do what I want).
  • I didn't really move out so I don't have bills to pay or have to have freaky roommates.
  • My mom can still cook dinner for me.
  • I still don't have to fully be an adult with adult problems and 5 million bills to pay- but I do have more freedom. 
  • Practice for when I really do live away from home, I will be more used to sleeping in a house alone.
Pretty much this has been such a great experience (thus far) that I plan to just live in the tent in my backyard for the duration of the summer. So if you need me, that's where I will be. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hobbies... Jobbies... Lobbies...

What in the world even is a hobby? What is a normal hobby? Why is everyone obsessed with finding a hobby? To me, I have a lot of baby hobbies that I bounce between.
I like to blog. I like to doodle and make little designs. I like to organize. I like being outside. I have just started to like going on short baby runs. I like to read. I like to go on bike rides. I like to watercolor (even though I'm not the greatest). I like to shop. I like to workout when I am stressed.
I like a lot of things. I don't just have one prominent hobby. That's why I think I have such a hard time telling people my hobby and what I do for fun. I do tons of different things in all different situations.
That's why I am trying to break away from the shame I sometimes  feel I tell someone I don't really have a hobby. I am me, and if that's not good enough for people, they don't have to talk to me!
So from now on, I am proud to have many baby hobbies and I am not going to let anyone make me feel bad for not settling down on one major hobby.