Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hobbies... Jobbies... Lobbies...

What in the world even is a hobby? What is a normal hobby? Why is everyone obsessed with finding a hobby? To me, I have a lot of baby hobbies that I bounce between.
I like to blog. I like to doodle and make little designs. I like to organize. I like being outside. I have just started to like going on short baby runs. I like to read. I like to go on bike rides. I like to watercolor (even though I'm not the greatest). I like to shop. I like to workout when I am stressed.
I like a lot of things. I don't just have one prominent hobby. That's why I think I have such a hard time telling people my hobby and what I do for fun. I do tons of different things in all different situations.
That's why I am trying to break away from the shame I sometimes  feel I tell someone I don't really have a hobby. I am me, and if that's not good enough for people, they don't have to talk to me!
So from now on, I am proud to have many baby hobbies and I am not going to let anyone make me feel bad for not settling down on one major hobby.

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