Monday, May 2, 2011

[Insert a good blog post title here]

I have this blog, but i feel as if I am usually talking to myself. No one even reads my posts and It takes me forever to think of a good enough topic and a catchy title to go with it. Then I check a few days later to see if anyone was kind enough to take a few seconds out of there day to look and comment on my most recent blog post. BUT no one ever does :( So what am I even still taking the time to write a blog post for? If no one even reads them..... WELL because I am not going to give up! I like having a place to just ramble about everything that is going on in my life, I don't even have to have correct spelling or grammar and I don't have to write it all in a journal its is faster writing it on here and then I don't have to look at my ugly handwriting! Still, it would be nice if just a few people could so kindly stop in to say hi or comment on a post once in a while..... that would MAKE ME SMILE! :) To bad I am just talking to myself anyway and no one will read anyway..... OH well! If you did happen to glance your eyes toward this post and skim a few lines It is much appreciated and it would be even more appreciated if you would so kindly comment in the comment box below! Thanks! :)