Saturday, April 2, 2011


I am now addicted to ghosts! They have caught my interest lately. How it all started was a few days ago in English our crazy teacher was talking about 'Spontaneous Combustion'. So i 'wikipedia-ed' it. It talked about how ghosts were usually somehow involved in each case. Which i think is soooo cool. So Last night I slept over with my cousin Holli. I got to the house at 11:00, and we weren't tired enough so we were channel surfing and found this show called Ghost adventures. I had heard about this show before and people say it is way cool but I had never seen it. So we watched it until 1:30 in the morning. Then Holli went downstairs and I layed down on the couch to sleep. Right before I went to sleep I heard knocking coming from the window and I was like creeped out in a cool way. I like totally love that feeling!!! Then this morning Holli came upstairs to tell me while she was downstairs she was watching tv and the TV kept turning on and off and she was so freaked out she wanted to come upstairs, but she was too scared to move!!! I LOVE GHOSTS! :))