Saturday, October 13, 2012

My day was made:)

The best thing ever is being told you are beautiful. It's the honest truth! If you don't like being told you are beautiful, you are lying to yourself. Today I woke up and I thought to myself, "I have time, I want to curl my hair!" So I got dressed and turned the flat iron on, so it would start to heat up. I curled my hair and it looked just fine and I felt pretty good about myself. I got to school and a few girls told me I looked cute, but of course a girl would compliment because that's just the way girls are. After a few girls had said my hair looked cute my self confidence was soaring. It was looking to be a good day. At the end of third period I had done free time and I was just chatting with a friend when a kid (who is very attractive) said, "Mariah, did you do your hair like that for a certain reason?" and I said, "Nah" and then he said ,"Oh well you look really pretty today". I said thank you and then my self confidence was really soaring. My day was definitely made today, just by a simple compliment from a boy:)