Friday, July 27, 2012

Be Yourself

Be. You. That's all. Just be you and yourself. If you have to try to impress people all the time by acting like someone you're not, you'll never have any fun. Just be you! I know through my experience I would rather be friends with someone is comfortable with them self, rather then someone who tries to impress you all the time. It gets so tiring to pretend to be somebody your not. Be you, because you are Be~YOU~tiful.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Arise! :)

I don't know if anyone could love this song and video more then I do... I stinking love it! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Ahhhhhh! How I love me some "Jo Bro's"  (If you couldn't tell by the previous post) They are soooo amazing. It is crazy! How could 3 brothers get along so great, great enough to make a band?! Who knows! All I know is that it is FABULOUS for the rest of the world! If I could marry anyone right now it would be Mr. Joe Jonas... He is the definition of babe'n! I love the Jonas Brothers as a whole.... but even then I still love Joe the best :) I watched Camp Rock today on Disney Channel ( I know you are so jealous that in my spare time I like to watch Disney Channel) and reminisced on the glory that is called: The Jonas Brothers. I love them so stinking much it is crazy. If they had a perfume I would wear it with pride. Dear Jo Bros... please get back together and make an amazing new album for me to listen to obsessively. Love, Mariah :)

Jonas Brothers :)

I love me some "Jo-Bro's" :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

That Friend

Everyone has that one friend. The one who never stops talking about them self? The one who is so outright rude to you, you wonder why you are even their friend? That's the one. One who is so self righteous and tears everyone, -including you- down, as if that will help them look better. One who you have to compliment and agree and tell them exactly what the want to hear or they throw a fit. One who always wants to hangout with you... and if you have plans to hangout with another person, they explode and are rude about it. A down-grader of all your other friends, to make themselves look superior and like the best person to be friends with in the world. A talker, never a listener. Not the kind of person you would ever go to if you were upset or needed advice. They would tell you your problem was stupid and to stop crying because crying is dumb. Even though, they have cried over much stupider things before to you and you comforted them and  treated their problem like it was your own. Someone who always thinks they are better then you, who is always telling you that you are not: skinny enough, dressed well enough,  pretty enough. You will never be enough for them, in their opinion anyway. Being around this friend makes you uneasy. You never know if you will be strong enough to take all their biting words without looking hurt/ crying... even though you always do when you get home. This person is not a friend, she is a bully.