Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Ahhhhhh! How I love me some "Jo Bro's"  (If you couldn't tell by the previous post) They are soooo amazing. It is crazy! How could 3 brothers get along so great, great enough to make a band?! Who knows! All I know is that it is FABULOUS for the rest of the world! If I could marry anyone right now it would be Mr. Joe Jonas... He is the definition of babe'n! I love the Jonas Brothers as a whole.... but even then I still love Joe the best :) I watched Camp Rock today on Disney Channel ( I know you are so jealous that in my spare time I like to watch Disney Channel) and reminisced on the glory that is called: The Jonas Brothers. I love them so stinking much it is crazy. If they had a perfume I would wear it with pride. Dear Jo Bros... please get back together and make an amazing new album for me to listen to obsessively. Love, Mariah :)


  1. Hee hee I had nooooooo idea :)

  2. Oh yeah!!
    Grandma: "Joe Jonas? He's so .... hoottt." :) bahaha