Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So My birthday was on the 27th, and I was to darn lazy to post, because doing just one blogg post takes me like 6 years to finish. Which is too long for my four year old attention span to handle on most days. But I still try to post at least once a week.... or more depending on my mood. Well anyway back to what I was saying.... My birthday was on the 27th and I was excited. Most people are excited for there birthday! A celebration of your birth!!! What could be better then that?! I am always obsessed with my birthday. 1) It is at the end of the year so I have to wait ALL YEAR LONG, so I start counting down like 2 month early. I know I am a weirdy... and 2) because my birthday is less then a month away from CHRISTMAS! and who doesn't love christmas.... oh that's right  Mr. Scrooge! So that is why I love my birthday! I am starting to figure out that birthday's aren't as exciting as they used to be. When I was littler birthday's were the best thing imaginable... well next to Christmas...... but now there just kind of normal. Especially turning 14. It is kind of a lame birthday. I am apparentley not 'old' enough to get the netbook I wanted.... and whrn I am 16 I will be getting a car. So 14 is just a really boring age to turn..... GOODNESS ME! Who am I kidding?! I love being 14!!! I am not brand new teenager anymore! I am loving being 14! even thoough I have only be 14 for like 3 days... but what the HAY!  I am totally LOVIN' being 14!!!!!

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