Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hand Sanitizer... I think that is how you spell it but I might be wrong... :)

Is it just me or is hand sanitizer AMAZING? I just love the stuff. I always loved how teachers had

MONSTER bottles of it. I used it many times a day, getting all the icky germs off of my hands. I used it for

lots of stuff like: Cleaning hands (well duh), Getting glue off of you, cleaning your desk, getting the pencil

grippers off of my pencils, ETC. I am sure if the makers of Hand Sanitizer knew how much I used it they

would have my picture hanging in there office. Some people hate hand sanitizer, but I don't see why they

would! It gets those teeny tiny little itty bitty germs off of your hands, with just one pump of the little nozzle

and rubbing your hands together! That my friends is just amazing! I am obsessed if you haven't already

noticed, which I am sure you have :)! This year right before school started I asked my mama if she would get

me a monster bottle of it, and GUESS WHAT? SHE DID! I use it 60 billion times per day. It is like 1/3 the

way gone, which saddens me. But good thing they make more, so all I have to do is get in the car and drive

to the store and buy me some more!!! ( Hee Hee that was a ryhme!) I am in love with this great stuff! It just

is fabulously amazing with it's germ fighting abilities :).  Aww man, if they ever EVER ran out or stopped

making it. I would literally die! I love it too much! Well thank you for reading me go on and on about how much I love HAND SANITIZER! ......................... Bubye!!!

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