Thursday, November 4, 2010

Talking to myself...... and all the radom other stuff going through my mind right now!

   So I was just thinking that my blog is one of the most boing blogs in the history of alll blogs!!!! Its pretty boring. No one reads it except for myself .... and Lexie but she doesn't count...... No offense or anything lexie. All I do is act like it is some kind of vauge journal entry each time I post. I don't Usually use names, or exact stuff. Just some of the stuff that my brain is thinking about, which I must get out or I will leak out of my ears.....

   So I get on this page a gazillion times a day and sigh to myself...... why don't give up on this failed attempt at a cool blog which lots of people read? Well I keep posting because I know at least 1 person ( Lexie) reads the junk that I post on this waste dump.

    Ok So back to what I was going to talk about...... Sleep.
Getting ready to and going to sleep are my favoritest thing to do at night.... besides sit and stare at the facebook screen and listen to the radio........ It makes me so relaxed after I have attempted to do my homework and sorta kinda practiced the piano. I get my clothes out for tomorrow. I wash my face, brush my teeth and brush my hair 100000 billion strokes. Then putting on my pajamas and Laying on my bed. Thinking about the good and bad events that have happened today or even yesterday or last week.

       Laying in the dark on my soft bed thinking about..... everything.... is so relaxing and sooner or later I slowly drift off to sleep and too soon mt alarm goes off and it is time to start another day.

          Welllll............... that was super random! I hope you enjoyed wasting 10 minuets of your time listening to me ramble. Ciao!

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  1. Ok sorry I haven't checked it in a while... my bad. And no offense taken about not counting.