Friday, October 21, 2011

Mice are grossssss:(

So there is a very annoying mouse in my bathroom. He/ She is hiding in the wall behind the tube thing that connects the toilet to the wall.He/She makes so much freaking noise! Plus Mouseface (That's what I have decided to name Him/Her) Has been eating the mouse poison for two days, he even took the whole cube of it into the wall with him, and he is still not dead!!!!! What in the world?! I hate hate HATE mice so much. I haven't gone into my bathroom since I saw him yesterday. Ewwww why must Mouseface invade my bathroom! What did I ever to to Him/Her?!! NOTHING!!! I didn't do anything! Dear Mouseface, I hate you. Please die soon. Thanks!
With love, Mariahhhhhhh :)
Wish me luck with my mouse killing!


  1. haha... well you are trying to kill him. But good luck! maybe ill bring tarzan over. he loves killing mice :)

  2. What the heck!? we found a stupid mouse in Callie's dog food bag the other day :P

  3. it probably came out of my hair ;)

  4. You are aware that you owned 2 pet rats mariah right?