Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dayyyy 9 ( Why you gotta be so mean?)

Why in the world do people need to be mean/ Here is an example there is a bunk of little punks on my bus. They are the meanest group of boys I have ever seen and there 7th and 8th graders. They sit in the back of the bus and bully everyone else. Even innocent people. Like today a kid was listening to his iPod he was totally minding his own business. Then one of the kids is like "You think your so cool with your iPod." and the boy was like "um no I just wanted to listen to some music on the bus... " and the punk kid says " If you don't want to listen to us go up to the front of the bus with the losers." I felt so bad! This poor innocent boy was literally being battered for doing absolutely nothing! The punks do stuff like this everyday they usually bug this one little 7th grader. I usually say "You know what your not cool so stop." and they laugh and stop but really why do they even need to do it  in the first place? It just makes me so mad. Plus there always swearing and using profanity which is really insulting to me and a lot of my friends and I've told them multiple times that is was not OK.... stupid punks. Why do they have to be so mean?