Saturday, September 10, 2011

Taco Amigo (Day 4)

I love Taco Amigo! It is the absolute BEST Mexican restaurant of my life! I always get a Bean Burrito with extra hot sauce and fries ( it's called at number 2) I love that place with all my heart! When I'm 16 I'm going to work their because my dad knows the owner. SCORE! I'm so excited you have no idea! I love taco amigo! Like you have no idea how much I love it. I could eat it for every meal if I was allowed to. I have loved Taco Amigo since I was little. It is literally the best American-Mexican place. (Its American Mexican because its more American styled.) I worship that place! Have I told you I love it? Well I LOVE IT. If I could marry Taco Amigo I totally would! Everything there is amazing! I love it alll!!!!! <3 Taco amigo :)


  1. Aaaaahhhhh! It is so delicious! Where is the taco amigo in the picture at? Is it the one in PG?

  2. woot! wooten!!!! look! your favorite thing is on sale! AWESOME! i want a rootbeer freeze, with some brigham wimmer. ;)