Monday, January 13, 2014

At last, the end has come.

The very first day of Sister Dimmick's seminary class, we read these letters all of her past students had written. They were all so sweet. Although, I didn't understand a lot of the inside jokes like I do now, they made me excited for the year to come.
As the last day of her class came to a close, I was anxiously anticipating the handing out of the papers so I could write my letter. I've been waiting since August to write this letter. I've been keeping notes and jotting down thoughts that I would put in my letter. The last 10 minuets roll around, we have a little testimony meeting and then she dismisses the class. I've never been more disappointed in my life. How could we not write the letters? I've been planning and waiting for almost 6 months!!
So I will write my letter here.
Sister Dimmick's class taught me more than just the Gospel. She taught me to love and to look outward. I've never felt so much love for our Savior or the Gospel radiate out of someone so much. She really loves what she does.
Sister Dimmick will most definitely change the world someday. She has already started, spending hours a day teaching and sharing the Gospel truths to High School punks like me. 
She taught me to Spit, and to spit often. Spitting has changed my life, for the better. It's so simple, yet without her class I would have never thought to do it. 
She also taught me that every hymn is my favorite. I mean, they're all so good! 
I learned to "look with my spiritual eyes". 
I learned that everyday scripture study will (and has) changed my life. I made a commitment to her and the lord to read everyday for the rest of my life starting January 7, 2014. I vow to never miss a day.
Sister Dimmick is a huge example to me. She is strong and independent. She has such a strong testimony and a desire to share it. When I grow up, I hope to be like her. She is amazing. 
She taught me about finding the homilies in the scriptures. She taught me that gratitude is an action. You have to actually show it. 
I know that I was put into her class for a reason, God knows our hearts desires. 
I will never forget the lessons I learned in Sister Dimmick's class. She is so wonderful. You are so blessed to have the divine opportunity to be in her class. 
~ Mariah Gaines 

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