Sunday, August 18, 2013

My little oasis

All of my *used to be* senior, friends are getting ready for missions, moving out, and going to college. I'm so glad I'm not in the stage of my life yet. That is way to stressful for my poor little soul. I love how I have my own little schedule and mu own little space. Moving out means a new space, new people, maybe a roomate? I like things to be perfect. It's my own little form of OCD.
I'm so weird about every thing having a place. Clutter gived me anxiety. I like the "home-y" style of peoples room's, but I honestly could not handle it in my own room because I wouldn't be able to sleep.
When I get stressed or anxious I clean. Yesterday, I cleaned: My room &my bathroom, the hallway, the main bathroom, The landing & stairs, and the Kitchen.
Sometimes, I just have to clean. It's another form of debriefing for me.
I like order and perfection. 

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