Friday, August 23, 2013

{ 4th Day of School Blues }

How in the world is it only the 4th day of school?! We haven't even had a weekend yet. Yet, it feel like I've been in school for 2 weeks. If time keeps going by this slow I'm going to have a mental break down. I'm sure after a couple of weeks I'll get into my... for lack of a better word "grove" (ew, I sound like some creepy old man) then school will *hopefully* start flying by and it'll be Christmas! 
Until then, I'm stuck in study hall. Taking a "break" from doing my homework because this packet is massive and I'm sick of doing scientific notation. 
Maybe this, "let's try and challenge myself by doing hard classes", thing was not the best idea. I've only been to 2 A-days and 2 B-days and I already have done SO much homework and I've got a nice pile for the weekend. 
I'm sure this will be a learning experience and I will grow and become more disciplined then I was before. But, as of right now I'm a little overwhelmed.

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