Saturday, July 13, 2013


Why? Why am I acting like such a poor picked on victim? What do I have to complain about? A lot more people have seen more heartbreak in the past couple years than I could ever fathom. How could I be so shallow? The nicest lady at my work; I don't think she's evee said 1 unkind thing about anybody was cheated on in her first marriage. Would you even know? No. She let her trial make her better not bitter. One of the funniest girls I have ever met; lost more people in her life this year, then i could ever imagine. Been through trial after trial. Is she bitter? No, she keeps living her life in hope that one day things will get better. A girl I've never really talked to; she has seen so much saddness. Losing loved one after loved one. A sibling and a best friend. She keeps on smiling and changing people for the better.  A family member; she lost her mom and dad within a month. She still thrives and goes through life smiling. What do I have to complain about? Nothing. I'm so very grateful for all my father in heaven has blessed me with. I have been blessed with so much. I'm also extremely grateful for my knowledge of eternal families. I know I will be able to see all my loved ones again. I'm going to try from now on, to write down 1 thing I was blessed with each day. I think that will help me to see how truly blessed I really am.

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