Saturday, July 27, 2013

Accidents happen.

Of course. As soon as I get home from traffic school, I get yelled at for being ungrateful. Typical. Cause I'm a typical arrogant teenager. This makes everything that's going on right now in my life, so much more awesome.

All I do is think about that accident. If I could go back, I would. I'd prevent it. The first two nights after I didn't sleep. I still have nightmares and I wish it never happened. Do you ever consider how I feel? Nope.

I HATE that adults think all teenagers are stupid, stuck-up, and that they're opinons don't matter. I'm not a stupid teenager. I do have an opinion and I do have feelings. Adults aren't always right like they think they are. Us "ungrateful teenagers" know quite a bit. We're not as naive as we seem. Just because I don't go around preaching my gratitude, doesn't mean I am ungrateful. Maybe if you took a minuet to spend time with me you'd understand that.

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