Wednesday, November 13, 2013

High School

I know one day I will look back on High School and remember how easy life was back then. For now, I will keep struggling in Honors Pre-Calculus and Chemistry. I will look back on high school and laugh about all of the crazy things my friends and I did. I'll cherish these memories that I make each day. I will look back and smile. High school. A place to learn and grow. A place to laugh and love. A place to cry when you suck at math. A place that sometimes is so hard to be at, so you stay home instead. A place where there are teachers who care, and notice the little things that happen. A place to be challenged. A place where you struggle through the week and look ahead to the glorious 2 days of freedom. High school The best-worst 4 years of your life. A place for stress. A place for those days when you didn't get any sleep the night before because you were so worried about your test. A place for knowledge. A place for progression. A place for responsibility and accountability. A place for loads of homework. A place for difficult projects. A place for goofing off during study hall. High school is just a place that someday will hold a lot of memories for me, but for now I've got to keep pushing through the loads of homework and the stress of my classes. I have to study hard and get the grades. So that I, Miss Mariah Gaines, can be proud of myself when I walk out of the doors in May 2015. I will make it. I know I will.

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