Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Un(well not even)Invited

It's upsetting that someone I used to consider my closest friend, is acting like this. We've had our ups and downs (a lot of downs as of late), but I still think I'm your friend and you're still mine. It's sad to think that you're being outright rude to get back at me. I never did anything. I just didn't want to be treated like garbage so I told you how I felt. I thought we were fine. We still hangout a lot and I even invited you hot tubbing a couple weekends ago. It's very immature of you to make it obvious that you aren't inviting me to your party. I don't care if I'm invited or not it's just a party that I probably won't remember in a year. BUT when you outright hand the invitations out while I stand right there talking to you... that stings. For a minute I wanted to get back at you. Then I realized it's definitely not worth it. I'm not 5 and I am willing to stand up and be the better person. "Treat people the way you want to ne treated". I would think you would have caught on to that one by know, considering the many times you've complained about people not liking you.
I'm sorry for whatever I did for you to need to "get back at me". Have a fun party!

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