Tuesday, April 1, 2014

to infinity (rambles) and beyond!

If you were ever wondering what goes on in my brain, you're in luck! Today and today only (April Fools!) You will be able to see what is bouncing around in my noggin'.

* sine-squared-of-theta-plus-cosine-squared-theta-equals-one......sine-tangent-theta.....math.... test... tomorrow?!! I'm really proud of myself. I've done every math assignment when it was assigned before the day before (haha tongue twister) the math test. I'm trying to memorize a butt-load of equations so I don't strand myself in sudden-math-stroke during the math test.  Math tests always freak me out. They are 80% of our grade and I really need to make it through math this year... Only 1 term left!

*I learned a really great ab workout from my fitness coach today. It's not too hard and you can definitely feel it. I'm in desperate need of a partner to go to the gym with (Planet Fitness) since the workout requires someone to toss the medicine ball to you. Plus, I'm way to freaked out at the thought off having to ask some random citizen at the gym to help me. NO to that.

*I really wish I had one of those cool blogs with 80 bazillion followers. Like c'mon... I'm hilarious! I try to make my blog a mix of funny, spiritual insights, random thoughts, and intense posts. Maybe the only person who is interested in what i think/have to say... is me?

*I really don't understand why people can't give people (me) the time and space I need to adjust. Last year was emotionally damaging for me. I went through a lot and I am in no way, shape, or form ready to relive those memories. I'm trying to go on with my life and put what happened behind me. I do not need you reminding me of those times because it just gives me anxiety. I'm trying to forget and move on. I can give you a thousand reasons why. It is easier for me to just forget it than it is to try to pretend the last year. Things are different. Everything is different. Don't pretend like it's not.

*When it's raining I like to lay in my bed, pretend I have no responsibilities and sleep, and just waste the day away.

*I need more lazy days. I am too busy for it to be healthy.

* I can not spell to save my life. If I was kidnapped and the only way to be released without harm, were to spell, I would be dead.

* I have become sort of a rebel lately. Well not really. I'm too cautious to do anything that is actually "bad" but I've done some slightly out of character things lately. Get on my level

 Okay. I'm done now. There is just something about typing your thoughts out that is therapeutic. Kinda like driving with the music off.  It also helps me to relax and make rational decisions. Yay for blogs!

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