Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mariah's Declassisifed High-School Survival Guide ( get it?)

Mantras To Help You Survive High School.
High school is completely insane! Who in there right mind decided to put almost 1000 fifteen- eighteen year-olds into one school.(and that's just at OHS, other schools have way more) Hormones are seriously flying. No one gets any sleep... ever. Teachers are jerks and who even has time for homework?! ( The answer is no one.) Teachers are always saying " As teachers we know how you feel. you have SEVEN other classes that are feeding you homework so tonight's homework will only consist of: one essay on the chapter you read, a study-guide, a vocab sheet, and to read for your 1000 pages. I hope that you appreciate my effort on trying to lighten the (homework) load."
What The @$#% ! That is not even lighting anyone's load! What are these people even thinking?! Anyway now I'm off topic. I'd like to share my tips on how I am trying to survive the zoo they consider High School.

  1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Just don't. Life is worse if you procrastinate,Late points are deducted you dread the assignment more... it's just bad.
  2. Get ORGANIZED. I find it a lot harder to think straight when my back pack is overflowing with junk and I can't even find what I'm looking for. Even though being and staying organized can be tedious, I feel that it helps me stay more calm
  3. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. Also known as- Kissing Butt. I'm not as bad of a kiss butt, although, I do try to make a good relationship with my teachers so that when I do have a problem, they are more willing to work with me. 
  4. BE RESPECTFUL. No one is more annoying than a very entitled kid. You are not funny or Bad-A. You're stupid and we all hate your guts. You just end up making the teacher mad and that's just stupid. It really isn't hard to sit quite for an hour. Zone out, or even better actually do the work!
  5. STUDY. As much as I hate to say it... studying works. Even if you just spend half an hour going over the material you will do so much better on the tests. Trust me. It is worth it
  6. DO EVERY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT. Homework is usually the category that effects your grade the least, BUT if you do EVERY assignment it can give you a small buffer which can help raise your grade from that B- to an B or even A-. 
  7. BE WELL ROUNDED. Don't forget that high school is about socializing and building relationships just as much as it is about learning. Take a break from studying/ homework to hangout with friends. Form study groups. Go to the activities. Go to the sports games and show your school spirit! High School only happens once so don't let it go to waste.
  8. SLEEP IN. It is okay to sluff every once in a while. Sleep in a little, skip first. Sluff the assemblies. It is invigorating and is major stress relief
  9. BUILD FRIENDSHIPS. Even though you  may not see half of these people ever again after graduation. Make friends. The friends situation is always tough in high school. People change and have bad days. You need other friends that you can rotate to when things are rough with your other friends. Having a wide variety of friends makes life so much more fun anyway!
  10. ENJOY IT. As much as it may stink a lot of the time, high school is usually where people have their fondest memories. Don't spend your entire high school existence yearning for the future. The future comes entirely too quickly and then all you have left is regret.
High School really is great. As much as the teachers may absolutely suck half of the time. I wouldn't trade my high school experience for the world. I have become extremely nostalgic lately as my junior year is coming toward and end. I keep hoping that at some point time will slow down. Of course it won't and  senior year is right around the corner, begging for me to open the door and let it in. High School: The best/worst 4 years of your life.

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