Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Summer?.. Winter? (Oh wait! That's what spring is in UT)

I'm one of those people who get irrationally optimistic when it starts getting warm in March. 
Actually, I am the epitome of irrational optimism. Since March began, I've been wearing shorts as much as I possibly can. I have the philosophy that if I pretend that it is summer it will become summer. Winter feels like it drags on forever and I am so excited for school to be out and for it to be summer.
Why wouldn't you get excited when it starts getting too warm for you too drive with the heater on? When it's warm enough that when you wear shorts you don't freeze to death?
Well apparently irrational optimism isn't always the best idea.... shorts and snow should never (ever) have to mix. I'm pretty sure I have frostbite on my legs.
Dear Utah,
If you could PLEASE pick a season that would be absolutely wonderful
Until then, You suck. 
Sincerely, Mariah

Summer please come quick. I will greet you with arms open in great anticipation. I am so ready for school to be over and for the warmth to touch every part of my soul. Heaven help me 'till then...

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