Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Event of the Night

My car ran out of gas. 2 ( yes 2!!!!) streets away from my house. Do I just have bad luck? Did I do something to someone and this is karma getting back at me? I was just trying to drive my sisters friend home who literally lives 2 streets away. All of the sudden I couldn't push the gas. I started to pull over but then the car started to work again, so I shrugged it off. It happened again as I went to turn down my sister's friend's street. But my car wouldn't turn. I started freaking out and panicking and I slammed on the breaks. Then the car totally shut off and there I was in the middle of the road. Of course being me I started to have a panic attack and I was like freaking out and yelling at my sister to call my mom. (My poor neighbor is probably traumatized and terrified of me now.. oops) Long story short, some neighbors saw and helped push my car off of the road and my dad brought gas to fill up my car so I could make it to a gas station. But this was seriously the most stressful event of today and pretty much my whole life. 

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