Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Okay I know I've written a post like every single day this week... but who cares! I've been in a writing mood!
I wish people would validate others morw often. Not compliment, validate. Sometimes conpliments are insincere, said just to be nice or make someone feel good. But really it just gives them false hopes.
We should VALIDATE! Give an honest sincere validation. Tell people what you really like about them. Not "I like your shirt". Explain to them how you like their simple(or complex depending on the person) personality traits. How you have noticed that they are so nice and friendly to everyone, even wgen no one is around to hear/see them being kind. Or how you like their determination to suceed in life. Instead of the very over-used, somtimes insincere "compliment".
Now go, go out and validate!

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