Sunday, February 21, 2016


Inspiration- n. - Something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create; a force or influence that inspires someone ~Merriam-Webster Dictionary

As of late, I've been feeling inspired to do a lot of things.

I am trying to peel my eyes away from the social media that I spend countless hours staring at like a zombie. Hence my deleting the Twitter and Facebook apps from my phone. (I still get on both of them from my laptop though... baby steps people!!) I do still frequent Instagram and Snapchat because I still like to see what people are doing with their lives and I don't get as sucked into those social media outlets.
{This is about to get real ironic because I'm about to talk about all my fave social media people, but whatever}

In the act of being inspired to do and be more, I have really been thinking about my current likes and talents and hobbies and all the talents and hobbies I'd like to have and develop. I've been looking to some of my personal "Instagram Celebrities".

Here is a list of my favorites for your own personal enjoyment: **

  • @mrsbrijenkins - She is life goals and all of her posts about her kids make me laugh and seriously make me excited to be a mom! She is also a proud supporter in lifelong learning which I think is the coolest. 
  • @thealisonshow - I mean come on. Does this even need an explanation? She is hilarious and someone I wish I could be. Her latest blog post "Done is Fun" is what really inspired this post of my own! Thanks Alison!
  • @amandaarneill - She is AMAZING at handlettering (something I am working on) and I can honestly spend hours looking at all of her pictures and videos!
  • @seekingalexi - Lexi is actually my cousin (well second cousin but is that really important?) She is amazing! She is constantly making me want to be a graphic designer and professional DIY-er just like she is! She is also one of the most beautiful humans inside and out! Overall just the best human. 
  • @sariahwarner - So funny! Most of the things she tweets are exactly how I feel! Also our names rhyme so that's pretty cool. 
** I realize that this may be mildly creepy since I don't know all of these people super well in real life! I just think they're awesome and my dream is to be a little of each of them!

I am frequently checking their instagram feeds to see what they are posting and just to learn more about them. I love reading the blogs (of those who have them) and feeling that they are all genuine people with genuine lives, trucking through life just like I am. 

Back to @thealisonshow's blog post! Which I have provided for reference Here! Alison talks about how she is not going to worry so much about looking the best or being perfect and just getting things done! Which is something I really needed to hear (if you saw my last post you will understand) to push me forward and get me going! 

A few things that this has helped push me to do are:
  • Make more blog posts. They do not have to be perfect. They don't have to be so interesting or pull in a lot of readers. If I want to blog, I should just blog for heaven's sake!
  • Continuing to learn to hand letter! Looking like a bandwagoner and not being good enough are no longer the excuses that are going to hold me back! 
  • Opening up an etsy shop for my prints! (Which is what I did today! Go me!) My shop is SoundsGtoMe if you'd like to take a peek!
  • And mostly just continuing to explore my artsy crafty side even if I'm not the best or if I have no idea what I'm really doing! The only opinion I really need to worry about is my own. I can no longer let the opinions of others hold me back! 
Thankful for the cute ladies above who have helped inspire me to try and be my genuine self and enjoy it! Excited to see what the near future has to offer me! 

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  1. Mariah that is SOOO nice of you to say! Thank you for your generous words. It means the WORLD to me that I've been able to help inspire someone else on their journey of finding themselves. You are so adorable inside and out, too. Love you, cuz!