Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's been a hot minute

minute? minuet? I think I've been spelling minute wrong my whole life... so that's awesome!
Anyways. Hi.
It's been a while
I've been going through some stuff
Friend issues
Tanner and my other friends
Possible anxiety
Pretty much life has just been suffocating me.
But, I'm back! To help easy my ever growing stress,
I think I'm going to start writing it out again.
Which is probably better than screaming my head off when my stress level is through the roof.
Writing is therapeutic, the more I type out my frustration, to get them out of my head
The better I feel.
I want to feel better
Stress has over taken my life
I'm ready to be stress free.
I'm ready to come back
So fasten your seat belt everybody, because I'm back.

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