Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life after High School.

I'm only a junior.. but that doesn't mean I can't look into the future. What am I going to do with the  rest of my life?
Where am I going to go to college?  What about my friends? Do I want to move out? Or live at home? What about a room mate? What about how bossy I am, how can I handle a new situation? This whole High School ending really freaks me out. In May 2015, I will graduate. I will begin my new life.  This is so out of my confort zone.
Ever since I was little I dreamed about going to Cascade, Canyon View,  and last but not least, big ole' Orem High. All my babysitters used to tell me how cool and fun high school was, and it definitely is. I can't believe I've already concured 1 (well I guess 2 if you count freshman year) year of highschool. I still have the rest of this year and next year, but it is all going by so fast. I have so many questions, but I don't like a lot of the answers.
I'm almost 17, I still have my whole life before me. How am I going to spend it? Hiw will I make it count? 

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