Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jam Packed Sunday

Technology must hate me. I wrote a super long post and I got a text in the middle. When I opened the text my WHOLE post deleted. I proceeded to cry and then explode.
Now I'm going to try and re-do my post.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend 3 sacrament meetings today. 2 mission farewells and a primary program. The highlights of the meetings go as follows:

- everyone can have empathy. It is easier to empathize with someone if you have gone through something similar to what they have gone through.
- people who have had the hardest trials smile the brightest. Everyone has their trials, but those who have been at their ends wit have the brightest countenance. A smile to them is not just a smile, it is an expression of the joy they are able to feel. When they smile their lips don't just curl up. Their whole face shines with happiness. Those kinds of people make me happy. I'll let you in on a little secret, they also make the best friends.
- Missinary work is not about you (the missionary)  it is about helping others come into our loving gosple. It is about god, not you.
- Primary children are the closest beings to heaven. They exude happiness. How can you not be happy when the little primary children are screaming the primary songs.
- Our gosple is simple, yet complex. You can have all of the answers, yet none of the answers at the same time. This is wondeful! It let's you be the one to decide what is right. It makes you think and helps you grow as a person.
- About to be missionaries give the best hugs
- Families are forever
And last but certainly not least
- The church is true. (It's really true folks, so believe it.)
I am so blessed to have friends that encourage me to be my best self and lift me higher. I'm so grateful that they set the example for me in being strong members of the church. Without their examples, I do not know where I would be.
I'm so grateful for the soon to be missionaries who spoke today and strengthened my testimony. I lobe this church. I'm so blessed to have been born into it.

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