Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where oh where have my scriptures gone.... Where, oh where, can they beeee?

I have 2 sets of scriptures. A combination that I take and leave in seminary. Then another pair that is a bible and The Book of Mormon separated  On Monday night I was reading my Bible (The New Testament to be exact) the I finished and closed my scriptures said my prayers and went to bed. On Tuesday night I went into my room to read my scriptures.... and they were gone! Like what in the world! How does that even happen?  They were just totally not anywhere to be found. Not on the table, not under the bed, not on my desk, nowhere! Who would steal my scriptures? Everyone in my family has there own scriptures! Maybe I'll put a picture on a milk carton ( Do they even still do that?) and post a reward. I'm still on the search for them :( Makes me irritated that I can't find them! Where oh where, could they be?!

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