Thursday, September 9, 2010

HELLO people of The Ballin' Blog`

Hello, to all of the two people who read my blog! I would just like to say that i am really grateful for all of you who have checked my blog, Even if it was just once in your life. "The ballin' blog~" has been up and running for a year and a few months. If you have been continuously following, weekly or even monthly, thanks also to you, so far I have had more than 500 people look at my page! Which is freaking amazing! If you would like to submit any idea's for me to blog about please leave a comment in the comment box! If you start following me, there should be at least one new post a week, I mnihgt just pick you and tribute a post just to you! Well HAPPY READING!


  1. *might, I have no idea what I am smoking.

  2. ok good cause i was wondering the same thing. How can you track how many times people look at your page anyway?

  3. Um my sistr showed me how to get a 'hit-counter' amd it shows how many times someone looks at your page.....