Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Greatness of the all mighty Fruit!

Have you ever stopped to ponder the greatness that to earth is know as FRUIT? I really have never thought of fruit to be as great as it really is! I always just thought Fruit, to be well ypu know Fruit. I decided this morning that Fruit is AMAZING! I felt like there was no food in the house (even if there is ) and so I look in the canned food cupboard and I find...... MANDRAIN ORANGES! They are like my most favorite healthy snack! So I am like SWEETNESS, and I open the can and that was when i OFFICIALLY realized that Fruit is one of the greatest things in the world next to Ipod touches (of course) I think Fruit is like Awesome because
1). It very good tasting
2). It has very healthy benifits!
3). IT is just plain awesome!
Did you know that Clementines are Mandrain oranges?! I never knew that! I love Clementines, so no wonder that I like them peeled and with juice in a Can! Sometimes i can be the smartest person i know!
I think that the good taste plus good nutrition is a definite plus! I love mandrain Oranges!!!!!

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