Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I know everyone is obsessing about how great the internet is. It's nothing that new. I have decided it is one of lifes nessesities! It is indespencable to the human race! When you need to do a report (and it happens to be due the next day) you just type what your report is supposed to be about in to your search engine (bing, google ect.), and WELLAH!!! You have a bunch of information about your topic :)!!!! Or if you are bored and want to find a cool gaming webisite you just type what your looking for in your search engine. BadaBing- Badaboom, you have got a sight like miniclips! If you are looking for a blog with cute hairstyles, you just find a blog sight and start looking, and before you know it you have a how-to list on what ever hair style you want!!!! If you need pictures to go with your topic, you just go to google images, and type your topic!!! I JUST LOVE THE INTERNET!!!!

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